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Registered Charity Number: 1135446

Sponsor A Gambian Child


The cost of sponsoring a child's education is:


A Primary School child £180

A Secondary School child £200

A Senior School Child £220

A University Student £700


Your sponsorship buys the annual school fees, exam fees, two sets of school uniform, two pairs of shoes, exercise and text books, pens and pencils, a school bag, an annual school trip and every day, a hot meal.


Once we receive sponsorship for a child, Mucki liaises with the family and the school to enrol the child. He will then buy everything that is needed for the child to start school.


Throughout the school year you will receive feedback on how the child is doing including school reports, photos and letters. Mucki works tirelessly to send as much information back to the sponsor as he can.


The children love to hear from their sponsors and on my many visits to them I have seen the letters and photos that they have received. These are among their most treasured possessions.

mandaling letter 001
mandaling school report 001

Mandaling's School Report

A Letter from Mandaling to his Sponsor

What Your Sponsorship Does....

mandaling photo 001

Mandaling with his school books

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Sponsor A Gambian Child is able to reclaim Gift Aid, meaning your sponsorship goes even further.


In fact, for UK tax payers we can benefit from up to 28p in the pound.

Gift Aid

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